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About Momentum AfricaWho we are?

Momentum Africa: Empowering African narratives, leveraging years of expertise in communication, marketing, and consulting for individuals, organizations, and governments.
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Values and MissionMomentum

Over the last 50 years, Africa has struggled to tell its own story and position itself as a global superpower despite its economic and human potential.

For us at Momentum Africa, this presents a unique opportunity: the chance to leverage thirty years of experience in communication, marketing, media and consulting to help individuals, organisations, and governments on the continent take ownership of their narratives. 

Our MissionMission

We use research, data-backed analysis, strategic communications, and advisory services to enable our clients to forge and strengthen relationships with their stakeholders.


We use those relationships to influence attitudes, shape behaviour, and determine outcomes that align with our clients’ objectives.

Our VisionVision

Excellent Client Relations:

Building trust with our clients is essential to understanding their pain points and delivering tangible results. We pull all the stops to ensure we build an open, vulnerable, and productive relationship with them and that their needs are identified and addressed at every point of our client journey.

Excellent execution:

We operate on a culture of excellence in every aspect of our service delivery to our clients. This attitude to excellence starts from the point of ideation and follows through to the end of our client’s journey with Momentum Africa.

Data-Centric :

We never embark on a campaign or project without conducting extensive research on the stakeholders and analyzing that data to map out an execution strategy for our clients’ needs.

At Momentum Africa, we higly value a culture of collaboration and service.

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50 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Who is Momentum?

A strategic communication firm utilising in-depth political, economic, and people data knowledge to devise analysis-driven strategies that measure, target, and engage diverse audiences.