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The Momentum AfricaWhat we do?

Momentum Africa: Empowering African narratives, leveraging years of expertise in communication, marketing, and consulting for individuals, organizations, and governments.

The Momentum AfricaOur services

Momentum Africa: Empowering African narratives, leveraging years of expertise in communication, marketing, and consulting for individuals, organizations, and governments.

01Political Consulting

Momentum Africa offers strategic support to politicians and political parties looking to win elections through a multi-pronged approach to campaigning that leverages research, advisory, communication and content creation.
Our full stack political consulting service supports politicians through every step of the electoral process, ensuring resources are properly allocated to garnering support within their parties for election bids, engaging prospective constituencies and maximising impact during elections.

02Government Relations

Momentum Africa offers strategic support to elected politicians and nominated public officials to engage their constituencies and amplify their impact in office effectively.

We develop public affairs strategies that complement public policy efforts, train government officials to effectively engage with local and international press and organise and execute public events on behalf of our clients.

03Corporate Communication

Momentum Africa provides a robust suite of corporate communication services tailored for private organisations seeking to enhance their projects and products, refine their audience engagement strategies, and venture into new markets.

05Event Mgt/ Activations

Momentum Africa helps individuals, organisations and government bodies design and execute offline experiential events and activations that communicate brand values or market products and services in tangible ways that convert audiences.

04Consulting and Advisory

Momentum Africa helps individuals and organisations maximise the impact of their projects and improve their general public perception through advisory services that leverage our expertise in research and data analysis.

06Legacy Branding

Momentum Africa offers guidance for companies looking to build or strengthen their brand identity by streamlining their values and identifying their stakeholders, long-term goals, and approaches to success.
We work with our clients to design agile brand strategies that are flexible enough to accommodate future growth and evolution while remaining true to values and target audiences.

07Influencer Management

Momentum Africa connects individuals, organisations, and government agencies looking to reach and influence distinct demographics through influencers and influencer networks. We oversee the creation, deployment, and monitoring of marketing and messaging content on behalf of the client, as well as monitoring reach and impact using analytical tools.

08Content Marketing

Momentum Africa helps individuals, organisations, and governments conceptualise, create, and deploy content across various mediums, including text and audiovisual. We ensure that the client can communicate its messaging through immersive storytelling, crisp production, and excellent visual branding.

09Public Affairs

Momentum Africa works closely with governments at all levels to develop, design and deploy public affairs strategies that support initiatives undertaken by its clients. We also work to manage relationships with the local and international press to amplify achievements and messaging on behalf of our clients. We also assist private organisations in advancing their public policy engagements.

10Crisis Communication

Momentum Africa is equipped with the expertise and tools to help organisations and brands successfully manage high-stress situations, emergencies and reputational damage. Our strategic interventions are deployed by seasoned crisis communication professionals who work to restore stability and stem reputational damage through pre-emptive strategies and succinct but effective communication.